Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Postcards from Alea

July 13
Alea's doing great! She's too busy giggling to finish her bottle, though.

Has it really been over two months since I was admitted into the hospital? (Alea was admitted May 11th)

July 27
Still doing great! The nurses simply adore her. We're not surprised, what's not to adore?

August 8
No new pictures, just an update. Miss Miracle should be coming home this week, just over 90 days after being admitted.

We're not going to let those adoring nurse pull any tricks to keep her in for 100... this cutie belongs home.


  1. wonderful to hear and see how she's going-been praying for her for a long time:-)

  2. Praise the Lord! So happy to see her!

  3. God does what He says He does....Praise You Oh Lord, I praise You.