Monday, June 11, 2012

Lives are Changing

The past few days have been busy! It all began Friday morning, when Lydia had her final anal atresia repair. You'll be seeing her Amazing Story on the website soon! Be warned: it's pretty amazing. Basically, she should not be alive and breathing right now. But she is, and she may be released from the hospital this week.

Lydia, right before surgery
Then, Nathan was placed into a foster family. Wang Shu, our foster family manager, is handing him to his new foster mother in the picture below. Nathan is the kind of child that needs to be in a family. He loves constant, one on one attention, and has such a tender heart. We're so happy that he has recovered well from his heart surgery three months ago, and is able to live with a foster mama and baba now.

In the meantime, the kids were getting their faces painted like animals in preschool. Don't you love Cara's "scary zebra" face, and William's adorable attempt to growl like a tiger?

You are a flower, Lucy! We just put up a scrapbook with more pictures from the morning. Check it out!

Saturday evening, at around 8:30pm, we got a call that a liver was on its way to Alea's hospital in Beijing. We literally raced to the hospital to sign the surgery papers, kiss her sweet little face and thank the doctors for fighting for her.

Alea pre-surgery

She was sleeping soundly while the doctors told us the risks. They said that many children don't make it out of the operating room. They said that the surgery would be at least 10 hours.

she slept soundly the whole time

And so Alea was taken into surgery, and she took pieces of our hearts along with her. Beginning at 10:30pm, we knew that it was going to be a long night. But we stayed up during the surgery, waiting and watching the clock and praying. We believe that every child needs an anxious parent, pacing back and forth in the waiting room, waiting for and anticipating good news.

being taken in for surgery

It was 10:00am the next morning before we heard anything. By 10:30 she was stitched up being transferred into ICU.

She made it out of the operating room.

This morning, Alea was taken off of the ventilator. She is doing very well. You'll be reading her Amazing Story soon, too!

While the surgeons were making Alea new, two of our sweet children were getting on trains and planes to go and join their forever families. We are happy to announce that Sage has joined her adoptive family...


...and that Joshua, who has been waiting for a long time, has now been adopted.


We just can't stop with Sunday's news, and want to tell everybody that Will's (previously Josiah) surgery (adenoidectomy) is complete! It took 1.5 hours and he should be coming home soon. The hardest part, we heard, was him not being able to eat or move 6 hours post-op, which if you know Will, is rather impossible. Eating and moving are his two favorite things to do.

Will with his nanny, about to go into surgery

And, in a few hours, Ken should be released from the hospital after recovering from pneumonia.

In each little and big bit of news you just read, we hope that you saw the hope and joy that we see. In each miracle, each foster family and adoption and successful operation, a life has been changed. That's worth celebrating!


  1. Oh wow wow wow! That's so much good news we need to have a PARTY! Forever families, children coming through surgeries, children going into foster families...I am thanking the Lord for how He cares for His children!!!!!

  2. Praising God for these miracles! So happy to hear that Alea has this chance!

  3. Praise the Lord for all He is doing! So wonderful to hear of all of the miracles unfolding. God is truly so good.

    Thank you so much for being that anxious and praying parent pacing on behalf of your little one. Every time my daughter goes for surgery here in Canada my heart just breaks hearing the cries of the little ones whose parents have not yet returned to their room after surgery, or the parents simply aren't there. I truly believe that children not only deserve the love of a mommy and daddy, to feel loved, safe, and secure in their arms, but any little one that has to go through any challenge deserves to have a mommy there to comfort them, whispering in their ear that someone is there with them, walking each step loving them and doing everything possible for them. No child should have to go through it alone.

    Thank you for being that parent to these little lovies. Not only does it mean so much to each child, but also means so, so much to their future forever families who rest in greater peace knowing their baby was not alone. Thank you for not only being the hands and feet of the Lord, but also the loving arms of their forever mommies. Your service is amazing, your love all the more.

  4. Talk about being surrounded by miracles!