Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ava and Nora, Twins

When we were contacted by Ava and Nora's orphanage, asking us if we would be willing to take in these two little girls, we were almost too overcome with excitement to say, "yes." But, of course, we caught our breath long enough to respond and brought these two in as quickly as we could.

Ava is the "older" one. We're not quite sure how that was determined, but we'll go with it.

It didn't take long to discover that both girls love to play with toys, and that Nora puts everything in her mouth like a normal little baby would.

It appears that they already have very different personalities. Ava is the open, smiley baby while Nora can be more reserved and hesitant around strangers. Of course, that was our Day One impression... who knows what a good night's sleep and another day becoming accustomed to their new surroundings will bring?

The first thing in order was a bath. Ava seemed to enjoy hers, she didn't fuss at all but looked adorable in the tub.

Nora, however, wasn't the biggest fan. She would much prefer to cuddle in someone's arms than do anything else.

After the girls were squeaky clean, we dolled them up in some new clothes. Blue for Nora, pink for Ava. That sure made it easier to keep them straight! The girls fought for the comb... yep, they're sisters for sure!

The one thing that had been on Nora's mind throughout this whole sequence of events was a bottle. Ava didn't mind drinking one either, but thought that Nora's might taste a little better than hers... And did you notice Nora's legs? The picture of relaxation.

So, what do you think... are they identical?


  1. What province are they from? Hubei?

  2. OH my goodness! I want to cuddle them and never let go!

  3. They are ADORABLE!!!! They don't look identical to me, but are so very similar that it must be hard for anyone who doesn't know them well to tell them apart. Have fun with those two!

  4. Beautiful!! I don't think they are identical, yet many features look very much the same. I think their noses and eyes are a bit different. Even still, I would be painting one of their toe nails a difference color :) What a double blessing!!

  5. Nothing short of sweetness! And it looks like Ava is trying to help Nora hold her least I'm going with that! :) Their personalities are clear in the pictures.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! I imagine there'll be some fighting - er, anxious debate - over who gets to hold them all day. ;)

  7. I think they are PRECIOUS!!! Even Andrew melted when he first saw the pictures of them. :)

  8. We are ALL melting over here... DOUBLE the sweetness!! ♥♥

    I think they clearly look like sisters, but I can tell them apart based on a couple of their features, so I would guess they are not identical... but maybe!?! ;) Either way, they are definitely 'double the blessings' like Kim said!! :))

  9. Identical twins don't necessarily look exactly alike. I think these adorable girls likely are identical because they do look a lot alike and also because most of the main causes of fraternal twins aren't happening as often in China -- advanced maternal age and fertility treatments.


    Mom to amazing identical twins from China!

  10. Yall must be buzzing with excitment!!! They are so very BEAUTIFUL!
    I tell you, stateside WE are buzzing with excitment:
    First, I get a text saying "have you seen the new twins?"
    Then, my oldest comes running out of her room, "have you seen the new twins?"
    Then another text saying "have you seen the new twins?"

    Oh my. They are WELL WORTH all the excitement! Praying for them both!