Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Forever Home: New Adventures

You just never know what tomorrow will bring as each new day brings a new set of adventures of their very own, right Mollie and Emma?!

Each weekday, we arrive before 8am for Mollie and Emma's first class of the day.  They really enjoy this class. While they wait for their teacher to arrive, they often write on the blackboard or do other things.

Mollie, with chalk in hand, often has to run over and say a few words after writing on the board.  

Mollie also checks out the padded therapy tube.  That's always great fun!

Emma likes to take a stool and sit in front of the mirror doing hand motions while she chatters on and on.

She can't pass up the padded therapy tube either!  After all, she simply
can't let Mollie have all the fun!

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  1. Sheer joy on their faces!!!!!! What a blessing!