Friday, June 8, 2012

Girls and Dolls

In Maya's package there were three baby dolls. With their dark hair, button noses and narrow eyes, these dolls were China Dolls through and through. Three dolls? Hmmm... who to give them to? That wasn't a hard decision, as the three oldest girls in the foster home right now are all the perfect age for a doll. And they each need a baby of their very own.

Can you guess which three girls we mean?

Claire's doll seems to be ceramic, or at least at-risk-of-being-breakable, so it was perfect for her. The first thing she did was carefully carry her new doll to her nanny, and then to everyone else's nanny, to show off the beautiful little doll.

Joy and her doll. Need we say more? The picture below is worth at least a thousand words.

For Wendy, this doll was a dream come true. She immediately cradled the doll in her arms, named her, "Baby" and then sought out a suitable stroller. Now, every time Wendy goes into the backyard to play after preschool, she asks if she may go back to her room and bring her baby doll outside. She often comes up to me and says something like,

"My baby's in bed. She's tired." Or, maybe, "She's hungry, I'm going to go and feed her." Even once, "My baby didn't take a bath today," and, "she's not allowed to play right now, she didn't listen."

Wendy is truly a little mother. She is in her element when stroking a little one's cheek, handing them a toy or walking her little baby around and around the backyard, singing to her.

Girls and dolls. We're so happy that our little girls have this special chance to love on a baby doll of their very own. It's an important part of being a little girl, don't you agree?

Do you have any cute stories about your little girl and her doll? Tell us!


  1. I think it is SO amazing how we don't have to teach our girls "how to play dolls". They just have that motherly, God-given instinct and know how to take care of a little "one"!
    These 3 girls will be wonderful mothers!!!!!

    Crickett loves her "baby". She loves to band-aids ALL OVER her baby. I need to buy stock in band-aids. :)

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  3. such adorable pictures!!!

    When we adopted our sweetie at 2 1/2 years old (she just turned 7 yesterday sniff sniff) and gave her a doll she instantly cradled it ever so gently and kissed and hugged it. Although, it didn't take long for her to carry it by just the head!! we laughed and thought hmmmm....we will need to watch her when she has her own baby some day!!

    She loves babies though and can't get enough of them.

  4. My daughter (Hubei Prov, 8yrs old) is more of a stuffed animal mommy. When she was 18mos old we were shopping and she saw a stuffed cat she just wouldn't let go of so I bought it. She called it Mao. I thought she was saying Meow but found out later she was really calling it cat! She's moved on to other stuffed animals and a couple years ago finally got an American Girl doll she loves on.

  5. I don't have a little girl, but if I did I dream that she would love dolls like I did! I have to admit that the LaLaLoopsie dolls are quite sweet! But I'm a little bit partial to the Lydia Love's from Ruffled Feathers Company (heehee)--speaking of which LOVE that Lydia had such a successful surgery. I am looking forward to when she is old enough to play with dolls. :-)

  6. What an awesome testimony to the love these little girls have received. Many, many years ago when we brought home daughters from a very hard place, we gave them baby dolls. The reaction was to throw the baby on the floor and kick her into the closet while screaming at her to stop making noise. Thank you, New Day, for teaching these little ones what love looks like.