Friday, May 4, 2012

Ken's Blankie

Before we begin our cute story, let's talk a bit about Ken. For one, he's completely adorable.

On top of being cute, Ken is also a fighter. He's been through a lot, and as of yesterday was released from what was at least his third hospital stay in his short 10 months of life.

So, on to the cute story... Ken wasn't feeling all that great Thursday, and really didn't want to drink his milk because of a cough and sore throat. Rocking and patting was causing his eyes to droop, and it looked like he would benefit a lot more from some sleep, than from being kept awake to drink his bottle. The nanny said to just lay him down in his bed, and she walked ahead to make sure that it was prepared for him. She folded down the covers and helped remove Ken's bib. Then she picked up the towel that was laid flat under Ken's head and shook it out.

"Lay him down now," she instructed, "he likes to hold onto the towel while he sleeps." While saying this, she arranged the towel so that it was partly underneath Ken's head, to protect the sheets in case of a spit-up incident, and partly loose and free.

Ken's sleepy eyes flashed open to locate his towel, then as they closed again, his hand grasped the corner of the towel and clutched it tightly to his face.

Hmm... maybe we should find him a softer blankie?


  1. There is NOTHING like a baby and his blankie!!!! LOVE THAT! And all of our ND babies love their blankies!!!!!! :) PASSIONATELY!

  2. That's some serious cuteness. Poor thing. He couldn't be any more adorable, though. Hope he feels better soon!