Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kendra Shares

Kendra got a package this week! She was happy, but not as excited as Jadeyn was. Jadeyn and Kendra live in the same apartment complex, and they were out together when we delivered Kendra's goodies. Look at the pictures below, at how excited Jadeyn was when she saw Kendra's package, and then at her intense curiosity as Kendra and her foster mom opened the bag...

Kendra received two pretty spring dresses in her package, and was very happy to let Jadeyn try one on. She's giving Jadeyn the "look of approval" here, while Jadeyn expresses her thanks.

Could these two be any more precious?

We didn't think so.


  1. "Could these two be any more precious?" you asked.
    NO WAY! They define cuteness!

  2. They remind me of Sherbet ice cream in their beautiful colorful dresses and shirts!
    And I'm sure they're no less sweet in person.