Friday, April 6, 2012

Ken's Bright Future

A few months ago, we got the call about a little boy from out west with a rather severe cleft lip and palate. His orphanage had tried to schedule his surgery, but the local hospitals were unable to do it because of the severity of his case and his tiny size.

We agreed to bring him in. But because it was still quite cold outside, the little guy got a nasty case of pneumonia. His train ride was postponed to a few weeks later.

Finally, after Chinese New Year, the little baby was coming for real. He was healthy, though not strong. We were excited that he would soon be in our arms and we would be able to nurse him back to strength so that he could have his cleft lip surgery.

A bed was made for him.
A name was given; Ken, our promise child.
The nannies prepared for a new little one, and we waited...

But again, Ken got sick. Once again he was not able to come down. But we saved a bed in the upstairs baby room for Ken. And we waited, hoping that he would be able to make the trip down in a few weeks.

March 16, 2012, Ken was carried through the front door and finally, finally, placed into our arms. He's 9 months old, thin and weak but has the greatest smile.

And guess what? His surgery has already been sponsored.

Ken has a future that's getting brighter by the second.

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