Monday, April 9, 2012

Tabitha's Amazing Story

We sent oxygen with the nanny who went to pick Tabitha up at the train station. We were afraid that her heart wouldn't make the train ride down from her home province.

When Tabitha's case was brought to our attention, she was a very sick baby. Multiple heart defects, and dangerously high pulmonary hypertension; she would need surgery as soon as possible. We hoped that she would make it through surgery. We hoped that she would survive until surgery.

But the face that greeted us that February day was not a sick one. No, Tabitha seemed quite healthy when she came. We did a medical check-up right away and it was true. Tabitha only had a simple septal defect, which might not even require surgery.

Tabitha, the day she arrived

There was no rational explination other than that she must have been healed on her train-ride to us.

A few weeks ago, Tabitha began sucking her fingers. We couldn't figure out why, until we realized that she was cutting her first tooth!

And then last week, Tabitha began sitting up on her own for the first time.

Watching this precious girl grow up is so special, because of the miracle that her life is.

And goodness, is she cute or what?!


  1. Hannah,

    My name is Laura and I found your blogs via Ni Hao Yall's Sunday Snapshot! First, I have to tell you that you are truly and amazing servant of the Lord! He is getting much glory from your life! I stayed up way too late last night reading your blog and your foster home's blog. :-) I also have a question for you. Little Tabitha is quite possibly the most beautiful baby I have ever seen and her story is amazing! Do you know if she is available for adoption, and can you tell me what agency she is listed with? My husband and I are believers, in the process of pursuing adoption. We would love anything you could tell us on how to get more information about her. We will pray that God continues to pour out his blessing on your ministry and all the precious children He has entrusted you with!
    Laura Polk

  2. I love this baby SOOOO much!!! I just wish I could hold her once. I guess I have to be content knowing how much she is loved and cuddled by everyone blessed enough to be there right now. Love all of you and all the babies.


  3. It's no secret that dear Tabitha is a very beautiful and loved baby girl... the comments here and every time a photo is posted, speak for themselves! Not to mention the many inquiries I have personally had from those who know our Khloe used to reside there, wondering if I can shed any light on her adoption status. She is such a little hunny for sure, so none of these inquires surprise me!

    But the true beauty is in the story that is hers ...a beautiful testimony that is still unfolding with each passing day! It's a wonderful blessing for every child that is given the opportunity to come and live at the place where love grows, as we know they are wrapped in lots of love and prayer. To God be all glory!! <><

  4. My God what a beautiful little miracle. May you always be blessed.

  5. Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Tabitha, you are so teeny tiny and yet your testimony is HUGE in GLORY!!!!!