Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What Do You Think of Tom the Dog?

Every child needs a dog in their life, and Tom the dog is a very important member of the foster home's backyard crew. When it comes to learning that dogs don't have to be scary, Tom is definitely the dog to have around.

But, Tom has yet to win all of the children with his friendly, gentle charm. Brooke, for example, is not a fan of the floppy ears and wagging tail. We were outside the other day, playing and frolicking in the sunlight. Tom was out playing too. But when Brooke caught sight of Tom, suddenly her cheerful face was overcome with horror and fright. "Mama! Mama!" she cried. "Bao wo!" hold me!

Wang Shu, the foster family manager and resident Yeye, or Grandpa, was there in the nick of time to scoop Brooke up and carry her swiftly to safety into the foster family office. There, they barricaded Tom outside and stood, safe, as Tom sat outside of the door playfully wagging his tail. Brooke didn't care to go back out to play, though. Maybe next time...

Most of the other children adore Tom. Elly is always happy to take a little study-break to play with him. The Forever Home has a dog, so Elly is not frightened at all!

Yesterday, the kids were taking a walk around the backyard, and Tom came up to Josiah. We weren't sure at first if Josiah would be a fan or not, but...

Josiah and Tom loved each other!
This morning we savored the moment as a bunch of the children, giggling, lined up their rocking horses outside in preparation to race. What are you savoring today?

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  1. My dog Sydney has been to visit Tom and play with him! :) They are friends!