Thursday, February 9, 2012

Look Who Just Walked Through The Door!

Just when we thought that the cuteness factor at New Day was out of control, this little sweetheart arrived. She has a cleft lip and palate, but that doesn't keep her face from lighting up in big, beautiful smiles.

Maya smiles big

...and then this handsome guy arrived. "This must be my new home!" he said. He's four and a half years old and reminds us of a few of our graduates: all boy with a fun spark in his eye.

Colton checks out his new home

We were suffering from adorableness-overload, when who should appear but this sweet angel. She's six months old and much cuter in real life, if you can imagine that possible.

Tabitha takes in her crowd of admirers 

Now, if only we could find our hearts... they seem to have been stolen.


  1. Beutiful!!!
    Qué cositas más lindas...Ojalá, pronto...encuentren a su pequeña de labio y ha enamorado!!!!!

  2. Welcome, little ones! You are loved already!

  3. Beautiful new beginnings! So very excited that those spots so recently left are filled already--can't wait to hear their Western names and read their bios!

  4. Oh. My. Word. They are just TOO precious!!!

  5. Oh, if we could only bring home MORE than 2!! :-) So happy for these little ones that they are able to be cared and loved by you guys!

  6. Welcome to the place 'where love grows' ...could they be any more adorable!?! SO precious!!!