Sunday, December 18, 2011

Staff Spotlight: Goodbye Faith!

When we heard that there was a special education teacher wanting to come to NDFH to volunteer for six months, what could we do but say, "YES!" Faith came near the end of last summer and jumped right into the work here. She was one of the catalysts that started our "Higher Learning" classes, and she spent a lot of time working with the preschool children who needed a little bit more help... Eliana, who immediatly latched onto Faith as they spent time with each other each day. Eliana is doing so well. According to our developmental charts she's made steady progress since Faith arrived. It's amazing what a little extra attention can do.

Lucy joined morning preschool with the big kids, and Faith has helped her smoothly make that transition.

Everyone has their special children, and Faith sure fell in love with Noah! Of course, how could she not? He's handsome, charming and very smart.

And then the babies... who comes to a place like this and doesn't fall in love with the babies! Faith spent many afternoons pouring love into those sweet hearts and we are so grateful.

Thank you, Faith, for give these children six months of your life. Thanks for using your skills to teach them. You have made a difference. And for the most powerful thing of all, loving them, we thank you.

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