Monday, December 19, 2011

The Perfect Accessory

A package of headbands and hairclips was just the fashion boost our ladies needed.

Ella, who suffers so much, really wears headbands well. Doesn't she look dazzling in the bold blue?

A funny story about Brooke and Carolyn... They were playing together when we brought the headbands into the playroom. Carolyn's face just lit up when she saw all of the lovely colors, and positively glowed when we put a headband on her head. Brooke, on the other hand, didn't care to be primped up and refused her headband. So we handed the purple headband to Carolyn, who happily took it. Then, of course, Brooke wanted her headband. In fact, she wanted it a lot! Carolyn, being the sweet and caring sister, offered the purple headband to Brooke, who was then very happy to wear it.

Not only are you beautiful on the outside, Carolyn. You're beautiful inside too!

The babies didn't quite understand all of the excitement, but they did a great job modeling the headbands for us. Sweet Esther is growing more and more beautiful.

Little Angelic Lena... how we love you! Lena is getting stronger every day, and is, slowly but surely, growing.

Ah, Nicole. If you tell this girl that she's beautiful, she will thank you with one of her amazing smiles. Nicole has become more and more vocal recently. When she's pleased with herself (like she was after we showed her this picture!) she says, "Bababa." When she wants something, though, and is being impatient, she says, "mamama." Silly girl.

We have some beautiful little ladies, don't we?



  2. Love them all ~ you have the BEST models!! :)