Friday, December 16, 2011

Crazy Cute and Elegant

'Tis the month of December, and all through the month
There's been talk of the birthdays, soon to come up.
Elliot got his birthday packages early
And Roy, well he's checked into the hospital, sadly.
Jadeyn was left and my was she excited
For her first day in preschool, crowned with a tiara

The cake, it was chocolate
And the forks they did clatter
As those wide eyed preschoolers stared at it in wonder
From the children we could hear much rejoicing
As Jadeyn cut the first slice so that they all could dig in

Sweet faces, with chocolate frosting encircling their lips
Let out a sigh as Jadeyn opened her gifts
A baby doll, soft to be cuddled, then more!
Jadeyn also received a backpack that was filled up with toys

So proudly did Jadeyn put on her new backpack
Her new clothes stained with chocolate, made quite the picture

It's amazing to us how 'Short Stuff' has grown
It surely does seem that the time has flown!


  1. These pictures melt my heart!!! So precious!
    Praying for God's blessing and protection on all the December babies!

  2. Oh my goodness, what cute photos of Jayden ~ she is such a little princess!!

    Happy Birthday, beautiful girl's to celebrating YOU!!