Monday, April 24, 2017

Give for Sawyer and Maya

In recent days, children across Guangdong province have been recalled from private foster care centers back to state welfare institutions. Because of our location in Guangdong, New Day South has been directly affected by this situation, and all of our children have been returned to their home orphanages.

While the children are no longer able to stay at our facility, we are doing all we can to ensure their continued health and well-being.  We are especially concerned about the children needing surgery and special medical care.  Four of our best and most well-trained nannies are still with these children on temporary assignment at their home orphanages and local hospitals.  We are also committed to providing each of these children the surgeries they still need

Our most immediate concern is for Sawyer and Maya who both have major surgeries coming up in the coming weeks.

Sawyer was born with a severe urological defect and his first surgery was not successful. One of our caregivers is with Sawyer now in the hospital as he prepares for surgery in the coming days.

Maya needs to gain weight and strength before she can have her needed heart surgery. One of our caregivers is with her now at her home orphanage giving her the one-on-one care she needs at this time.

Together, these surgeries will cost an estjimated $35,000.

We see this number and know that it is high, but we believe that each and every dollar will be provided for these sweet children. We can’t do this alone, but together we believe we can make a difference in Sawyer's and Maya's life. Would you partner with us to make this a reality? Will you join us in choosing hope for Sawyer and Maya?

Click Here to make a donation towards Sawyer's and Maya's surgery fund. 

Thank you for making a difference in their lives!

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