Friday, April 14, 2017

A Trip to the Market

Each Easter we love to dye eggs in our preschool class. White eggs are harder to find here, so we usually buy goose eggs. Not only are they white, but they are also bigger which makes it easier for little hands to decorate them!

There is a market close by that sells all kinds of things, including eggs, so we thought it might be a fun field trip for our older preschoolers. 

We loaded up the bike, some kids walked, others used the scooter, and off we went!

We found lots of eggs

And flowers

We saw lots of vegetables and spices

And fish and chicks!

Of course after so much looking and shopping it was time for a snack!

And we bought all the eggs we needed!

We were all tired so it was time to head home!

Such a fun and successful field trip! 

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