Sunday, October 30, 2016

NDNorth: Veronica's Big Day

Autumn is peak birthday season here at New Day North. Rina and Chad had their birthdays in September, and Evangeline at the beginning of October. The three good friends celebrated their 3rd birthdays together at our In-Orphanage Care Center, and in Hohhot at the Special Needs Care and Training Center, Veronica just had her own birthday party- also celebrating the big number 3!

She wasn't quite sure what to make of all the attention and the candles- and what is this round brown thing with a 3 on it anyway?

What was it I was supposed to do now?

We'll show you how the birthday routine goes this time, Veronica! Next year you'll be all prepared. 

New little gloves are a fitting Inner Mongolian gift, yes? 

First bite of cake... 

This isn't bad, guys! 

Here is how you do it on your own... tastes even better this way!

The photos below just speak for themselves...

Is that really all the cake there is? 

It's OK, Veronica, next year will come. And hopefully, next year will see you safe and happy with your forever family. For now, you are a treasure who blesses those around you every day, and we love being a part of your life. Happy 3rd Birthday! 

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