Sunday, September 4, 2016

NDNorth: from Evangeline's nanny

As many of you know, the nannies who care for the children in our program write an update each month to chronicle their growth and their wonderful personalities.  These every-day accounts are priceless records of the lives of these precious children.  This is the update that Evangeline's nanny wrote for August.

"These days, we've been putting Evangeline's hair into two little ponytails that look like little cow horns.  She has a bright face, and every time I come to work, she always stares at my eyes, and shows that turned down mouth.  Though the children may not laugh out loud, they can express how happy they are.

After Evangeline practiced rolling in the afternoon, I put her on the floor in front of the mirror. When she looked up and saw herself in the mirror, at first she just stared for a bit, and then she showed a surprised look.  Then, she began to smile.  I observed that she is really funny, and felt full of happiness at watching her facial expressions.


These days, little Evangeline is aware of what it is to play with her other little friends. Once, Evangeline and Michael were placed close to each other. Evangeline kept stretching her hand out to pull on Michael's hand, and she did this a few times. Michael started getting annoyed, and looked like he wanted to cry! I told Evangeline that Michael wasn't happy, and that she shouldn't touch him, and she smiled. You see, she is a clever girl!"

Thank you, Ayi, for that precious glimpse into Evangeline's life. 

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