Monday, March 28, 2016

Our Amazing Staff: The Most Popular Person?

The kids love their nannies, the big kids adore their preschool teachers and our photographer can get a lovely smile, but guess who the children are always happy to see...

Cora, the Foster Home cook!

Cora has been working here at New Day Foster Home since 2001.  As her bio says, "Cora is gentle and kind-hearted and enjoys singing and dancing.  She says her greatest happiness comes from playing with the kids".

Mostly, Cora is busy preparing meals, but she does escape the kitchen and spend time with the kids whenever she can.

Cora is associated in the children's minds with the delicious, nourishing food that she brings them, but it's clear that it's something more that makes them like her so much.

Someone once said that "cooking is love made visible", and it also seems to be true that food that is made with love tastes better somehow.  

We're so thankful for Cora; for the good food that she prepares and serves, and for her love for the children that it nourishes.


  1. What a lovely story about a loving woman! Truly, she has much to give and gives it freely as shown by the smiling, happy children. I can tell that you love your job and your babies. Congratulations!

  2. Now we just need Cora to put her Recipies in a cookbook so that we can share all her yummy food and the proceeds can go to New Day!!! We need authentic Chinese food outside of China!! :)