Tuesday, March 29, 2016

All About...James

James has only been with us since the week before Christmas, and we haven't had too much chance to let you get to know him.  Here is what Abby, his preschool teacher, has to say about him:

The first thing you might notice about James is his award winning smile.

You'll see how he loves to play with just about anything. From racing cars to toppling blocks they all bring smiles and giggles to his face.

You'll notice how kind and compassionate he can be to his little 'siblings.'  He shares toys with them and will bring them a new toy if they don't have anything.

You'll witness him having fun and learning in preschool. How he loves crafts, story time, music, and of course snack time.

You'll see how hard he works in physical therapy strengthening his muscles while working on standing and walking.

Maybe you'll catch of glimpse of him being wild and crazy with some of the older kids, or perhaps you'll see his softer, sensitive side cuddling with one of his nannies or volunteers.

You'll probably see just how determined he is and how he can accomplish just about anything he puts his mind to.

If you spend much time at all around James I'm pretty sure you will soon have a smile on your face as big as his. But you'll also notice that James needs more.

He needs a mom that will cuddle with him and always be there waiting with a big hug. He needs a dad who isn't afraid to get on the floor and play with him. 

He needs a family that will tell him everyday just how loved and special he is. He needs a family who will notice each and every smile and dry each and every tear.

When James' forever family finds him we will miss seeing his bright smiling face every day, but we will be smiling even bigger because we know a forever family is the very best place for him to be.

We have heard that James' file is currently on the shared list.  He was previously listed with WACAP as 'Miquel' and they had a $4,000 grant towards the cost of his adoption - if a family chooses to use WACAP to pursue James' adoption they will honor this grant.

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