Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not In the City

New Day Foster Home may carry a Beijing address, but it's a far cry and a long drive from the city into our little village. Wheat and corn fields, huge gardens bursting with garlic and onions... all are proof that we live in a little farming village. The smells sometimes help with confirming that fact as well. We love that the air is a little fresher (though occasionally smellier) and the horizon a little wider. It does us all good. June is the season of wheat, and we walked the children over to the closest wheat field to watch the harvesting action.

Lily was hesitant at first, but with a little urging she scampered off into the field to collect her own harvest. My, hasn't she grown!

Little Roy was a content observer on this trip. He was happy to sit and watch the bigger children in the field as long as he got a piece of wheat for himself.

The next field trip on our agenda is to the swimming pool!

Check out our scrapbook for more pictures!

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  1. Beautiful!!! Roy is getting so big and so is Lily! I can't resist saying....these pictures are some wheat, wheat pictures! (sweet, sweet pictures...get it? :)