Friday, July 2, 2010

For Jenna

Jenna is 5 years old. She's only been with us for 3 months, but we've already seen amazing progress in her. When she came, they told us she could not speak. In her entire 5 years of life, they had not heard a single word from her. She understood language and would follow directions, so they assumed she simply could not speak.

They were wrong.

After only a month, she began to say simple words like car, cat, want. To say we were excited would be an understatement. How wonderful it's been to see her grow and make enormous strides. Just today in preschool, I noticed Jenna beginning to do the motions to all the songs during music time- something she did not do before.

Jenna has recently been diagnosed as having selective mutism. That means she is able to speak, but chooses not to. She receives speech therapy 5 mornings a week and is doing so well. We aren't aware of any other health problems- she is very healthy. We don't know what traumas Jenna has had to endure in her short life, but we are certain that with a loving and stable home, she will continue to blossom.

Could you be the ones to encourage her to speak, to sing silly songs with her, to give her hugs and kisses (which she loves so much)-- could you be her family?

We want so much for her to have a family to call her own. Will you help us advocate for her? Will you help us bring her home?

We found out recently that Jenna's papers are with WACAP (World Association for Children and Parents). The birthday they have listed there is different that the one we were given, but we know for certain that it is Jenna. We spoke with her orphanage and they verified that her papers had been given to the CCAA for adoption.


  1. Sweet, precious Jenna! I will be praying for her family to find her soon!!!

  2. Praise God from whom all blessing flow...jenna has a loving heavenly Father who LOVES her so very much...i will come aside all those who will pray for jenna to find her forever family.


  3. Absolutely precious girl. I will be praying for her!

  4. I don't see any girl that I think is Jenna in their list? do you know what b-date they are using or SN listed? she is adorable and would like to find out more about her needs?

  5. Lila's Mom,
    We're excited to report that Jenna has already been matched with a family! Thank you for your interest - she is adorable!