Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Ben

This is one of those Transformation Tuesday posts that where it seems like the child has not changed one bit, in a really good way.  The Ben (or 'Nelson', his first English name) that we first met had the wonderful chubby cheeks and hilarious expressions that we now know and love.

He had his trademark cool 'moves' even back then!

It's easy to forget though, that the children who come here to New Day don't come because they are super-cute, but because they are in urgent need of medical care.  Ben became an orphan because of heart disease; he was abandoned when he was already a year old, so Down Syndrome seems unlikely to have been the reason.  He had his heart surgery in the first month that he was in our care.

It has been our great joy to watch Ben grow from a one-year-old into the amazing three-year-old that he is today.

He is so much fun to have around, and so much fun to write about; this blog, and our Facebook page, have featured so much Ben but there was always more to post than fairness would allow!

Ben has been so loved here, but he's about to experience the love that he truly needs...the love of his forever family.  We'll miss him, but we are incredibly happy for him, and for the family that he will bring great joy to.

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