Monday, December 28, 2015

A Big 'Thank You!' 2015

If the children could write, they would write eloquent thank-you-letters to express their gratitude for the wonderful gifts they received, thanks to the generosity of all of you who sponsored them this Christmas.  Instead, we thought you might like to see some pictures of them with the gifts...

The amazement and joy on their faces speaks a thousand words!

The older kids, especially Hudson, had been eagerly anticipating their gifts, and they were not disappointed.  There is no picture of the exact moment that Hudson tore the wrapping off his biggest gift (that boy is FAST), but I was there to see it and it was beautiful.  A boy's Christmas wish come true.

In the preschool room, foster-parents helped their little charges to unwrap their presents, and it was a happy blur of gift-wrap and new toys.

The playroom was also a scene of joyful chaos, but every child had an adult with them to help them.  Austyn soon discovered what to do with his foam boomerangs!

Ever wondered how Santa can be in so many places at once?  The mystery was revealed at our Christmas party in the cafeteria...two Santas.

Playroom Santa (Erik) and Preschool Santa (Adam) worked together to hand out gifts to the nannies, staff and foster-parents (and yes, Santa Erik gave Santa Adam his gift!).  They were so happy to receive them, and want to express their gratitude to those that sent money to buy them.

This little corner of China was full of cheer on Christmas Eve, all thanks to you wonderful Christmas sponsors!

Look out for a big scrapbook of pictures of the celebrations on our website.

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