Monday, December 7, 2015

So Much Ben

It would be entirely possible to post about Ben on this blog every week.  We certainly have enough adorable and hilarious pictures, video footage and stories.  It wouldn't be fair to say that Gan Lu has favorites, but let's just say that the camera loves Ben, and there are a lot of pictures of him.

Here are some recent ones...

It's hard to believe, but Ben is even more awesome in real life than he comes across in the pictures, but they certainly capture something of his personality.  Along with many, many photographs of Ben smiling and playing and generally entertaining everyone, there are some that show his compassionate side too.

Jack was sad, as two-year-olds sometimes are, that lunch-time wasn't coming around fast enough. Ben did such a good job trying to cheer him up.

We also have photographic evidence of Ben 'working on his moves'.  Being this cool doesn't just happen by accident, you know.  It takes practice!

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