Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Therapy Tuesday: The Posts That No-one* Reads

We love to share pictures and tell the stories of all of our kids.  They are all unique and precious.  They ALL win your heart when you spend time with them, without exception.  It's a sometimes-discouraging reality though, that certain pictures, certain children, get more of a response than others.  A cute post about a pretty girl...instant social-media success.  Pictures of a child working hard in the therapy room...not so much.

We'll keep them coming though, because they deserve to be seen.  Nathan, and many others, work so hard in their therapy sessions.  The results may not be instant or obvious, but they are making progress.

With patient support and encouragement from Lillian, our Speech Therapist, Nathan is learning to sign.  Can't you just feel the concentration and the effort from this amazing little guy?

Part of the vision for our social-media is to 'show the world that special needs can be a beautiful thing'. Here it is, right here.

Nathan, we celebrate you and your diligent efforts in therapy sessions.  You're beautiful.

*To say that 'no-one' reads these posts is clearly an exaggeration, but it's an eye-catching title, right?


  1. This is so precious! Go Nathan! You can do it.

  2. Sniff. Yes. I see a dapper little fella working so very hard to learn and grow and stretch.
    I see. I see!!!
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Aww, the Therapy Tuesday posts are my favorite! Transformation Tuesdays are great, too, but there is something really inspiring about watching kiddos work hard to create their transformation. Seeing the patience and creativity of the therapists is great, too! Keep them coming :)

  4. LOVE the therapy posts! The interaction is beautiful to see, and no matter the speed of progress, knowing each of these children is unique and wonderful at the pace that best for them. Love all the children and New Day. My thoughts are with you all regularly.

  5. Therapy posts are my favorite! I'm a therapist myself and a future adoptive parent who wants to see more realities of the needs these children may have. I absolutely cherish all the hard work and time invested into these precious little ones. Please keep these posts coming!!! God bless.