Friday, December 11, 2015

Special Advocacy Post: Remember Richard?

Back in May 2012, an adorable 5-week-old baby boy arrived at New Day Foster Home.  We named him 'Richard'.  He was loved and cherished here by our staff and volunteers (you can read this post written by one of them), but when it was discovered that he had vision impairment, we had a difficult decision to make.  We don't have much expertise in caring for children with this special need, but thankfully a wonderful foster home nearby does.  So we said goodbye to Richard, but did not forget about him.  Recently, a staff member at Bethel contacted us, asking if we would be willing to help find a family for Richard...
Please feel free to share this post as widely as possible - Richard's forever family is out there somewhere.

Baby Richard

Richard came to Bethel from New Day in 2013. He has a vision impairment and some delays, but we hope that they can improve with therapy. 

Richard in 2014

Last month, we got a new therapy chair that spins around and Richard just loves it! He has learned how to sign the word "play" to tell his Bethel mamas that he wants to get in it. This is a huge victory for him! 

He has had some occupational therapy with some other wonderful organizations, and we'd love to see him with a forever family. Unfortunately, when Richard's orphanage officials came to visit him, they decided not to continue preparing paperwork for adoption because they don't think that anyone will adopt him. We are hopeful that if a committed family steps forward, they will consider preparing his paperwork. 

Richard has some unknowns, but we think he deserves a family too! 

Email for more information.  Videos available on request. 

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