Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Therapy Tuesday: Austyn's Progress

It was August when we last updated you on how Austyn has been getting on in his therapy sessions, and it's about time for another update:

Zoey, our Physical Therapist, is still working hard at encouraging Austyn to stand and walk unsupported. He's fairly reluctant to do it, and the key is distraction...

Austyn really liked the red balloon, and it was such a great way to get him standing up for longer. Creative and persistent therapy is making such a difference in Austyn's life!

We've seen a few new things outside of the therapy rooms too.

Austyn has now learnt to go down the slide in the playroom by himself, without a push from a helper. As you can see, he's pretty happy about it.

Recently, Adam was willing to share his 'scooter board' with Austyn for a while, and we got these precious pictures:

Austyn's progress really is ongoing proof that love, and excellent therapy, makes a difference.

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