Wednesday, December 9, 2015

NDNorth: Rina's Favorite Book

When it's cold and snowy outside, there's nothing quite like curling up in a warm house with a good book. And on this wintery afternoon, that's exactly what Emerson, Stephanie, and Kristiana were doing. Rina's new positioning chair had just been finished and was ready for her to use, so we sat her in her chair, made a few adjustments, and gave her a chance to join her older brother and sisters. 

At first, we gave her a few toys, but she didn't seem too interested in them.

There was a cute electronic book that played different nursery rhymes and songs on a nearby shelf, so we handed it to her and started doing things with the other children. Suddenly, we heard a big "clunk"! We turned and looked at Rina. She was trying to turn the page by herself! must really be enjoying that book, Rina.

When Rina got out of her chair, we gave her the nursery rhyme book and let her read it laying down on the floor.

Timothy could tell that Rina was really enjoying her new book and wanted to see why she liked it so much. He crawled over and started turning the pages.

At first Rina didn't want Timothy reading over her shoulders, but she quickly warmed up to him and started to enjoy reading the book with him. Nothing beats sharing a good story with a great friend! 

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  1. :) Makes me smile. Thanks for sharing these experiences with us!