Friday, December 4, 2015

Jack's Snow Day

These pictures are from a few weeks ago, but we didn't want you to miss out on the chance to experience a snowy day with Jack.

It was the day that Isaac left to go to his new foster family, and Jack was a little sad about it.  However, it was hard to tell how much was about saying goodbye to a friend (who he will still see every day at preschool), and how much was envy that Isaac got to go outside in the snow!

So we dressed Jack up warmly, and took him out to play in the white stuff.

Jack thoroughly investigated the snow; even having a little taste!

Where do you think he took a shovel-full of snow?

To the backyard school, to show Adam!  Adam wasn't quite sure what to make of it.

It was just what Jack needed - some special outdoor fun, just for him (and 'Mei-Mei the statue').

Hooray for snow days!

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