Sunday, December 27, 2015

NDNorth: From a few of the little ones...

Merry Christmas from Lucas, who is celebrating his first Christmas with us... and isn't sure what he thinks about it (but later finds out that he loves cookies and carols.)

Merry Christmas from Samuel, who won the "Most Photographed Child" award, probably because of his adorable little outfit. Doesn't he make the cutest little elf?

...and from Leon, who is at the age where he's walking all over the place, taking all of the toys off of all of the shelves all of the time. (and grinning mischievously while he does it) 

...and from Ruby, whose life is a miracle itself.

...from Lydia, our new assistant, and lovely Kristiana!

Merry Christmas from Paul, who was gracious enough to let us take a picture of him with his Santa hat on... before he pulled it off again and giggled.

Merry Christmas from Isaiah, who has found his smile and is growing some precious chubby cheeks.

From all of us at New Day North -- Merry Christmas!

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