Wednesday, December 23, 2015

NDNorth: New Staff!

We have recently hired a few new nannies! Today, we're going to introduce two of them to you...

Meet Clarissa - bio here.
And Leah! - bio here.

Clarissa is very gentle when working with the children. Her favorite thing about her job is playing with the children and feeding them. She is excited to learn more so that she can continue to help the children more. She loves the children and does not want any of them to feel lonely.

Leah most enjoys seeing the nannies' love for the children, and also enjoys the working environment that gives hope to the children and reflects the value of life.

Welcome, Clarissa and Leah! We're so happy to have you two on the team.


p.s. did you know that you can help sponsor a nanny's salary at New Day North? e-mail for information

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