Sunday, October 11, 2015

NDNorth: One Less

Timothy (who was known as Luke when he first entered our care, not to be confused with this little guy who is also named Timothy!) has some big changes ahead.

Timothy was born May 29, 2013 and abandoned soon after, and admitted into the local orphanage. He was born with orthopedic issues and was transferred by the orphanage to another organization for treatment soon after being found. Timothy returned to the orphanage at the beginning of April, 2014. He was pale, thin and weak when he first came back, but always had a smile for anyone who had the time to spend with him. 

Timothy's development was behind when he entered the New Day North project, and couldn't yet sit on his own. Since then he has made a lot of progress! He can now walk forwards and backwards. Timothy knows the names of his foster sisters, can say "hold me," "car," "don't have," among other words, and he loves taking care of (and sometimes teasing) his little foster siblings, and is such a fun little person.

The other day we were sitting on the swing and he loved it, when Selah came over to get on the swing and I pulled her on her shoe fell off, and Timothy offered to get down and get it for her. Then when we got off the swing, he took both of her hands and tried to support her so that she could walk. Such a gentleman. Such a sweet big brother!

Timothy's favorite thing is sweeping and cleaning. He LOVES it. If it's time for him to be done with his beloved broom, the best way to console him is by handing him a cleaning cloth. He was dragging the huge, long-handled broom across the floor the other day and it was very cute. 

Today's a big day for Timothy. He just left our care to join the family that is adopting him. It's going to be a busy day... full of changes, new faces, new experiences, lots of joy and probably some fear. New things can be scary! But they can also be wonderful. We're so thankful for the 18 months that we have had the privilege of caring for Timothy. The nannies and staff are going to miss him dearly, but we're mostly crying tears of joy today... because today? Today there is one less orphan in the world.

We love you, Timothy!

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  1. Congratulations to all--I'm sure he will be a joy and experience joy and love.