Monday, October 12, 2015

Nathan: Settling In

In the first pictures we have of Nathan, he looks very sweet, but also kind-of confused and sad.  That was more than a month ago now, and already we can see a change in him.

Gan Lu took a bunch of cute pictures of Nathan in preschool the other day, but this one (above) is maybe the best one.  Before, he always look wary of the camera, but now he's realized that the camera has a friendly face behind it.  It truly is the secret behind the great pictures of our kids; they love and trust the photographer.

Doesn't it do your heart good to see Nathan laughing?

And to see him with his new friend Jack...?  Two too cute!

Moving to a new place, joining a new foster-family, meeting lots of new people and starting a new preschool is not easy, but Nathan has done SO well.

Well done, sweet boy.  See, we told you that you'd have fun here!

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