Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Therapy Tuesday: Hard-Working Isaac

A lot of hard work goes on up in our therapy room.  Don't tell the kids, but there is also a lot of therapy 'work' disguised as play going on outside of the therapy room too!

Isaac has regular therapy to address the weakness on one side of body (the result of a neurological issue).  One of our volunteers wrote a post about his therapy progress back in June, and this little guy works so hard that we thought that he was due an update post.

His therapists say that Isaac really tries hard to use his weaker side, which is very encouraging.  The hand brace he wears is to encourage a correct thumb position, and it really helps him.

He LOVES doing 'little boy things', like riding trikes and being outdoors.

A big high-five, thumbs-up and a round-of-applause to you, Isaac!  Keep up the hard work, you're making progress.

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