Monday, September 21, 2015

Elliot JR: Everything You Wanted To Know*

Elliot JR arrived back in June, and was able to move out to live with a local foster family almost immediately.  This has meant that we haven't seen him very often, which is why we haven't been able to share many photos with you.

Good news!  He came for a visit last week, and Gan Lu got some precious pictures...

Someone was especially excited to meet Elliot JR again - Emma, amazing assistant to our Volunteer Coordinator.  He holds a special place in her heart because she was the one given the honor of picking an English name for him when he first arrived.

Speaking of which, "what's with the 'JR'?" you may be wondering.  Well, he was named Elliot first, but then we heard that Ian had also given the name Elliot, by the forever family that he has been matched with.  Hopefully the 'JR' will avoid too much confusion!

Another question that you may be wondering about is 'when will Elliot JR be having his first ENT surgery?'.  Good question.  He was also born with a heart condition, and had surgery back in April (before he came to New Day), so we've been waiting for him to recover fully from that first.  The good news is that he had a check-up recently and was found to have healed really well, so we can go ahead and schedule his ENT surgery soon.

One more question you may be bursting to ask...'what's with the pink sleeper?'!
In the West people just have to know the sex of a baby or young child at first glance, and pink is pretty strictly for girls only, but here in China this isn't so much the case.  Our foster-parents and nannies will quite often dress the children in what we would consider to be 'opposite gender' clothes, but in the greater scheme of things, it's not really a big deal.

We're pretty sure that it doesn't matter to Elliot JR one bit whether he is wearing a blue sleeper with a puppy on it, or a pink one with a bunny on it.  What matters is that he has a mama to love him and care for him.  Not just any mama, but a mama super-experienced in caring for little ones with smiles like his.

*Hopefully this post has answered 'all' your questions, but do ask if you have more!

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