Friday, September 18, 2015

Kisses for Connie

This is a post that barely needs words.

Connie's smile speaks so loudly.

It speaks of her joy and her courage.  It's full of hope, proving that 'no hope' prognosis wrong every day.

And these pictures...

Her nannies are wearing face-masks to minimize the risk of infection, but Connie is all about the kisses!

Despite all she's been through; the pain, the separation from her birth family at a year old, the surgeries, the five rounds of chemotherapy....Connie knows how to give and receive love.

These amazing ladies, Susan and Brenda and Laura (and Leah, although she's not in these pictures) love Connie so fiercely and bravely.  It's a beautiful thing.

Get all the (germ-free) kisses that you need, sweet Connie.  Grow strong, and keep proving that doctor wrong.

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