Friday, August 21, 2015

Two More New Arrivals: Ronan and Nathan

We've welcomed a lot of new kids recently; our latest arrival is the sixth in the last two months.  It's not easy to keep up with introducing them all to you!

Next after Janessa came Ronan.  This little man arrived a month ago; he's four months old and he needs heart surgery.

Isn't he sweet?  He spent the first few weeks taking everything in, looking around with his big, beautiful eyes.

He's looking bigger and stronger already, and we're starting to see some smiles.  Hopefully he'll be able to have the heart surgery that he needs soon too.

On the evening of August 17, Nathan arrived.  That night was the only night he spent actually in the foster home, as he was able to move in with his new foster family the very next morning.

This picture was taken in our isolation room, first thing on Tuesday morning.  Nathan didn't have long to wait before going outside to meet his new foster mama.

Nathan will be three years old this December.  Like all of our kids, his bio makes for heart-breaking reading; abandoned at the gate of his local civil affairs building last summer, when he was 19 months old.  Since then he's been in the care of his local orphanage.

The traditional 'handover' picture, from Wang Shu and Jane (far right and far left, Foster Family Manager and Assistant Manager) to his new foster mama, Jessica.

Someone else was very excited to meet Nathan; his new foster-brother, Robert!  Robert was so happy that he clapped for joy.

Look who else Nathan got to meet; Ben!  The boys are only two months apart in age, and will be classmates in preschool.

So much 'new' for precious Nathan to absorb and adjust to.  We are so glad to have him here; we know that he'll receive so much love from his excellent new foster family, and we look forward to a day when he'll join a family of his very own.

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