Sunday, August 23, 2015

NDNorth: Summer Birthday Party!

Summertime is always a great season for parties, wouldn't you agree? Cookouts... picnics... and Birthday Parties! A number of our children all have summertime birthdays, and so we threw a little party for all of them. Some new outfits for the birthday kiddos, some cake and some singing... it was a very fun afternoon for all.

Clara turned 1 in May. You can read all about her here, and she has a pretty amazing story (read that here!).  Right now she's learning how to clap, a pretty important skill for birthday parties. Doesn't she look darling in her new outfit?

Emerson turned 4 in July. Here he is trying on his new shirt. Check out that grin - this kid knows how handsome he is! Selah and Rina, in the background, are definitely intrigued by his new look. Isn't he handsome, ladies?

Stephanie turned 8 in June! You can read about her here. She loves presents, especially new clothes. Looks like she sees something that she likes in the gift bag... what could it be?

Party time! We let the kids take turns wearing the birthday crown, and sang to each one of them. Princess Clara has her eyes on cake...

Happy Birthday, dear Emerson, happy birthday to YOOOUU!!

Queen Stephanie would like for you to sing for her one more time, then she'll have a large slice of cake, okay?

We have even more pictures of our Summertime Birthday Party in the scrapbook - check them out here!

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