Sunday, August 16, 2015

NDNorth: ...speedy crawling

We shared with you back in June that Kristiana has figured out how to hoist her little body up onto her hands and knees and do some 4-point crawling. She's amazing. But even back in June, she was still just learning. It took a lot of effort for Kristiana to steady herself, and she wasn't the speediest crawler.

Well, things have changed a little bit.

Maybe it's Timothy's newly discovered crawling skills that have forced Kristiana to hone her skills a bit so that she can beat him to the toys... or maybe it's just increased strength and balance. I think that the hardest part about crawling for Kristiana right now, is multi-tasking smiling her huge, proud smile, and crawling as fast as she can to impress us so that we exclaim in wonder... which makes her smile big again.

Kristiana has been in our care for over a year, and we've been blessed to share with her in all of these exciting milestones. Our hope is that one day, hopefully very soon, a family will chose her as their own. Until then... keep blowing our minds with your determined joy, little one. You are truly precious.

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  1. amazing girl! seeing the children play...and adults interacting...