Sunday, June 28, 2015

NDNorth: A 4-point Victory

Kristiana is amazing! She's so full of determination and is always eager to please. We are so proud of all of the progress that she has made lately. Kristiana has challenges to overcome, yes, but she wants to overcome all of her challenges. She wants to make progress (most of the time... sometimes she just wants to keep coloring).

With this kind of attitude, she's going to go far.

Wait - actually, she already has.

Just look at her...

When we first met Kristiana she was a little bit confused and a little bit scared. Everything was new, and we needed to gain her trust, help her know that our love for her would not change. 

Since then, during the twelve wonderful months she's been in our care, Kristiana has figured out how special she is. In case you doubted it. 

Crawling is a big deal, though. Kristiana can get around - she can roll and scoot and commando crawl across the room, dragging her legs behind her. But we know that 4-point crawling is a very important skill. It's something that will help her development in many different ways. So, recently, we've added crawling to the kid's daily schedule. 

We call it "race time" and Emerson usually wins. What's lacking in form is totally made up in determination to get to the cracker waiting for him at the finish line...

Emerson isn't quite up to getting up on all fours when he crawls, but Kristiana is, so that's what we encourage her to work on. It's really hard work, but with enough encouragement she's usually happy to try her best. 

Last week we captured a video of Kristiana showing her amazing new skills off. 

Watch it - she's amazing. She's come so far, and has such a bright future ahead of her! We hope that one day she will have a forever family of her own, cheerleaders who will share in her enthusiasm, and give her all of the encouragement she needs. Until then... we'll be here, cheering from the stands. 

Go, Kristiana, go!

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