Monday, July 13, 2015

The Many Faces of Adia

Sweet, funny little Adia...

She has the best facial expressions!

Which ones is your favorite?  Her 'full of mischief' face?

I wonder what she's plotting...

How about her crazy-scrunched-up-cheesy smile?

Or her just-plain-crazy face?!

She has the cutest little grin when you tickle her...

...and such a happy face when her 'YeYe' (foster grandpa) comes to collect her from preschool.  Adia is SO loved by her foster family.

There is a sad, serious 'I have no more cake left on my plate' face.

And there is an imploring 'please maybe could I have a little more cake?' face.  Who could resist?!

Her laugh-out-loud joyful face is such a precious sight.  Can't you just hear her laughter?

Adia's adorable expressions brighten our days, and we hope this little selection of them has brightened yours!

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