Wednesday, April 29, 2015

NDNorth: Speech Therapy Time!

A group of speech therapists came to visit a few weeks ago! We absolutely love having experienced therapists train us and help us work with the children. Leon wasn't so sure about speech therapy though.... "I'm too young to talk!" he fussed. "But not too young to babble!" Allison reminded him.

If speech therapy involves a big green ball, Emerson would like to begin right now.

The therapists helped teach our nannies how to do an activity time in our playrooms. The babies had a great time. 

Then we brought the activity time into the bigger kid's room... having fun, Timothy? (note Luke sitting next to Timothy? He had so much fun that he came into the big room for a second activity!)

Part of the circle time included a blowing game. Freddy figured out how to close his lips and blow the tissue sitting on his nanny's hand, and had her in stitches because he just looked so adorable..

At the end of the therapist's time with us, they had the nannies lead circle time themselves. Tanna Ayi used to be a kindergarten teacher, and she did and incredible job!

Want a little peek into our circle time? Here's "If You're Happy and you Know It" in Chinese! We're still figuring out how to do an activity time with so many children, but with a leader like Tanna Ayi, it's sure to get better and better!

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