Monday, April 20, 2015

A Day With Levi

We've already posted about the strawberry-picking part of our recent field-trip, but thought you might enjoying seeing some other parts of the day through the eyes of one of the happiest little boys ever.

Bus rides are so much fun - Levi was ready to go!

We stopped to explore a nearby park, which had some animals, pretty gardens, and a playground. Levi enjoyed going down the slide with his buddy, charming a lady...

...and going down the slide again.

And again.  Slides are awesome, right Levi?

Levi also thought that lunch was pretty awesome.  He needed a little help with eating, and his buddy was happy to feed him.

He thanked her with yet another incredible smile!

Days out are fun, but getting home is pretty good too.  This picture gives a beautiful insight into Levi's sweet nature - it looks like he might have caught his infectious smiles from his foster mama, doesn't it?

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