Sunday, April 19, 2015

NDNorth: All About Timothy!

It's been brought to our attention that little Timothy is paper-ready for adoption! Just in case his forever family may be reading this blog, we thought that we'd introduce you to this very special little guy.

Timothy is a year and a half old, but adorable beyond his years. He has the indisputable talent of being able to make hilarious faces. This is Timothy's "There's a big ball rolling towards me!" face. 

Timothy has Down Syndrome, which means that he has less muscle tone than other children his age. To help him gain strength in his legs, so that he can learn to walk one day soon, he spends some time in the prone stander every day. During that time, his nannies like to play ball with him. Timothy loves balls.

Timothy can play well by himself, but he's getting more and more engaging, and has decided that Freddy is his very best friend. The two of them have the same nanny and so do a lot of activities together. Don't they look like buddies?

It's Timothy's smile that really gets us... he is so happy!

And when he's really, really happy, he can twist his face and make us laugh.. which makes him even happier. 

Timothy is famous for his socks, or lack thereof. He will not leave socks on for any lengthy period of time and it's not uncommon to find a sock here or there on the floor, and when we ask the nannies, "whose sock is this?" she'll always reply, "Timothy's!"

Why does Timothy take his socks off all of the time? Well, it could have something to do with his toes...

Is that right, Timothy?

Aha! Is it because your toes are yummy?

...or maybe they're just so much fun to play with?

Whatever the reason for Timothy's aversion to socks and delight over little toes, there is no doubt that he's a scrumptious little guy, full of personality and joy and potential.

We thought that you'd enjoy seeing Timothy in action, because what's better than a picture of him being cute? A video, of course!

Before bedtime the other day, we pulled out the baby dolls for a more restful activity. Timothy quickly picked his favorite dolly and chatted with her for quite a while. If only we understood what he was saying to her...

It's hard to be too much cuter than Timothy...

For more information about adopting this little guy, you can contact Julie at 

More information about adopting a child from New Day can be found here.

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