Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Therapy Tuesday: Gideon's Speech Therapy Session

The reason that Gideon (and Josiah) came to New Day Foster Home back in December was so that they would be able to have some good Speech Therapy and maximize the benefit from their BAHA hearing aids.

Gideon is now living with a local foster family, but he comes to New Day every weekday for Speech Therapy and preschool.  We thought you might like a peek at how he's getting on...

Lillian, our Speech Therapist, is doing such a good job helping him with both speaking and signing.

Look at that intense concentration on forming the sounds!  We are so proud of how hard he's working and of the progress that he is making.

Would you like to see a little video?  Gideon asks for the water, and then gets to drink some!

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