Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Max

In September, 2013, a sweet baby boy arrived into the care of New Day Foster Home.  He was weak and frail, needing heart surgery but repeatedly getting pneumonia and fevers.

Mason, as he was then called, won our hearts with his smiles.  What an adorable little guy he was!  He was able to have his heart surgery at the end of 2013...

..and by the Spring of last year, he was well enough to move out of the Foster Home into the care of a local foster family.

As he has not yet turned two and started preschool, we haven't seen a whole lot of him over this past year.  Every time he's visited with his foster family, we've been delighted to see his growth and progress.

We got some wonderful news that Mason had been matched with a forever family, who decided to name him 'Max'.  Here at New Day Foster Home and in his foster family he has really only been known by his Chinese name, so this change from 'Mason' to 'Max' won't be a big deal for him.

What will be a HUGE deal is that he will be joining his forever family some day soon.

We are so glad that we were able to play a part in his transformation from a weak and sick little baby into this handsome young man, and that he will soon have a family of his very own.

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