Monday, March 9, 2015

Josiah's Photo Pose

Josiah has a very definite idea about how to pose for a picture...

He is such a sweet little guy, very eager to please and wanting to do the right thing.

Doing a 'peace-sign' with one or both hands is clearly the right thing to do when someone points a camera at you.

When I had been taking pictures during his preschool session the previous day, where Josiah had been very keen to do his pose for me, the next day he saw me (without a camera) he instantly struck the pose again!

These pictures were taken by another volunteer, who was clearly also impressed by Josiah's enthusiastic 'peace-signs'.

Lucy, one of the nannies, thought Josiah was pretty funny...

...and decided to add some 'bunny ears' of her own.

 Next time someone takes your picture, you can strike the pose and think of Josiah!

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