Thursday, January 8, 2015

NDSouth: A Day at the Park

Here in the South, we have beautiful weather all year round.

So when the weather is this good, we love to take the children out to the park!

Lulu thinks this is a GREAT idea!

 But 1st things first for this little girl, do her shoes match her tutu?  They do! Let's go ~

We need to hold hands everyone!

 Noelle loves going outside to play, look how excited she is!

 Look up!  There are beautiful flowers everywhere here in the South!

 Naomi and her Ayi enjoy this time together outside.

 Lulu wasn't too sure about the slide at the beginning, but soon she realized how fun it was, and we could stop her going up and down again and again.

 Hayden loved the play-structure best!

 Naomi thought the slide as SO much fun!

 We think Hayden looks so handsome in his new Christmas shirt, don't you?

Well we had our fun, and now it's time to go home everyone!  We'll play outside tomorrow!

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