Friday, January 9, 2015

Here Comes the Summer...

Donna, our amazing Volunteer Coordinator, has written this post to let everyone know about an exciting opportunity... 
It's time for Summer Staff!  
No, it isn’t summer here in China: it’s still really cold, the fields are brown, and we are all encased in multiple layers of clothing, but it is time to sift through applications and reference letters and choose the amazing (and lucky) young people who will be coming to experience the fun and hard work, the joy and the life change that is all part of the Summer Staff program at New Day.
During the summer months we have many visitors -- families, individuals and teams -- come to New Day to share their time and their talents with our children and workers. However, Summer Staff are special…they spend anywhere from one to three months at New Day and really become a part of the team.
Our Summer Staff work hard and play hard, helping us to meet the many varied needs of our summer outreach programs, helping with the large influx of volunteers and serving wherever there is a need. Summer Staffers may work with one of our preschool programs, help our children who are being adopted learn English, improve our nannies’ sign language skills or work closely with a few children to meet their developmental goals.
Perhaps you feel drawn to serving in China but aren’t sure about working with kids all day? We also need Summer Staff to help manage our volunteer program, work on computer systems, or assist our PR team with writing, social media and photography. No matter your interests or gifts, there is probably a role for you if you are willing to give of yourself. 
It's also a great way to spend part (or all) of your summer learning about China and her people by experiencing it firsthand. A basic Chinese class is required for all Summer Staff with more learning opportunities available for those who want to focus on language. The Summer Staff program also includes a sightseeing trip and a Beijing adventure, and you can do even more in your free time. 
Applications are available on our Volunteer Services website along with lots more information (dates, costs, positions).  We are accepting Summer Staff applications through February or until all positions are filled.  Apply now!
This post was written by our Volunteer Coordinator, Donna.
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